The Claw Decides…

I’ll confess I’ve never looked around my environment and thought “I need a specialized tool for scratching people, none of the sharp objects at hand will do the trick!” But it’s also true that specialized scratching toys have a long history in BDSM and some people really love them. There’s nothing too fancy about The Claw (new from The Stockroom) but I can see having a bit of fun with it:

the claw scratcher ring

As described:

The Claw is a sexy metal scratcher that fits comfortably on the finger and provides sensual scratching that can range from light and playful tickle, to intense scratching torture. This finger extension, scratching toy is a very attractive accessory that can easily be incorporated into role-play and interrogation and dominance games. It is also great for teasing and tickle torture and spicing up massage.

There are 2 rings that hold it firmly on your finger. Although one will probably suffice for most people, you can easily wear more than one of these scratcher instruments, and on both hands if you like.

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