The Sawhorse Rider

You just know she’s going to be a mite uncomfortable after an hour or three in that position:

vintage strict bondage with pussy pain

From UseNet.

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One comment on “The Sawhorse Rider”:

RC commented on December 31st, 2011 at 6:02 am:

In vocational schools, making a sawhorse is often the first assignment for aspiring carpenters. But in such a setting, there isn’t time to wait around for an hour or three before one sees the results of one’s work.

Enter the “teachable moment,” with our lovely young lady as the demo. Before she is placed in this position, the students are shown the use of the half-round rasp to roughen the wood surface that will be in contact with her. The emphasis is on selecting the right tool for the job: a 14-inch wood rasp is preferable to a cabinet rasp, as it is coarser and leaves a rougher surface for her to experience. That should speed things up.

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