Betty? Is That You?

Comic book bondage never looked better:

bondage comic book panel

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FirstTime commented on March 6th, 2018 at 3:40 am:

I am a 45 year old woman, not in bad shape but I have some miles on me. I have been reading bondage stories and looking at it for years but have never actually tried it. I always had fantasies of being tied up and gagged. I’ve been divorced a number of years and was unable to have children. I date on and off but have never had the courage to bring up my bondage desires. I saw this cartoon of Betty from the Archie comics and it is how I want to be tied up. I have a friend who has a young son, in his 20’s. I’ve watched him grow up and he has come over to my house over the years to do chores and other things I needed done. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse, khaki capri pants and slip on Keds sneakers. He had grown into a very handsome young man and I have to say I had more than one fantasy of him fucking me. But because he was my friend’s son, I put it out of my head. On this particular day, I had left this picture on my computer and I forgot about it. He had asked to look something up on the internet and I said yes then remembered. Before I could say stop, he say the picture. I was extremely embarrassed. I asked to please not say anything to anyone as we lived in one of those towns were something like that got around fast. He promised to keep my secret then asked “Have you ever wanted to do something like this?” With some embarrassment I said “yes.” He asked why I had never done it. I told him that I never trusted anyone to tie me up and gag me like that. He asked what would it take for me to trust someone to do that to me. I told him that I would have to know them well and know they wouldn’t hurt me. He then said “you mean like me?” I said “Yes, someone like you that I’ve known for a while.” He then said “Would you let me tie you up?” I was genuinely shocked as this was the boy I used to diaper! “Are you serious?” He replied “I am serious. I’ll tie you up if you let me. Kind of like the time you watched me as a kid.” Now I had forgotten about that. He was about 8 years old when he loosely tied rope around my wrists and ankles. I was supposed to be cowgirl taken captive. He wanted to tie a bandana over my mouth but I told him no. I thought about it and asked “How would you tie me up?” He looked at me and said “Can I show you?” I answered “OK” He came up behind me and put his arm around my shoulders. He then took his hand and clamped it over my mouth. I instinctively let out a little scream but it sounded like “mmmmpppphhhh” He said to me “This time I want to gag you.” My eyes went open wide in surprise but I nodded in agreement. He pulled me back and sat me in a chair. He must have had this planned all along because he had rope. He then tied my hands behind my back. He then tied my ankles together. He then took a bandana and pulled it between my teeth and tied it behind my head. I could talk a little but I had muffled speech. I was so turned on. I could feel my underwear getting wet and I hoped that it wouldn’t soak through. He said he had always wanted to do this to me. I was shocked and embarrassed because this was my friend’s son and if she had ever found out, our friendship would be over. He then untied me after a couple of minutes. I commented that I was sexually turned on but I didn’t know if he was. He said he was and he said he wanted to touch me but I had not given him permission to do so. I told him let’s wait and see how things go. From that point on, I was bound and gagged regularly by this young man. He always tied me like Betty in the comics. He said he liked the outfit I was wearing so I always wore it for him when he would tie me up. We did this all summer until he left for a job and it was the best summer of my life.

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