Heart Shaped Handcuffs

I got an email from Adrian Hunter regarding what looks like a project of his, compiling a list of popular songs with kinky and BDSM lyrics, titles, et cetera. There’s lots and lots of cover art included, which means that he’s prudently put the site on Google Sites. That suggests to me that it’s less likely to be a permanent resource than we might prefer — remember what happened to GeoCities? — so enjoy it now while you can:

The Bondage Jukebox

My favorite find on the site is an ancient Picture Record (a vinyl record published with color artwork printed directly on the disc) featuring a girl in heart-shaped handcuffs:

Marion Mann picture record You Took Advantage of Me featuring heart shaped handcuffs

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AdrianHunter commented on June 24th, 2011 at 12:22 pm:


Finally moved the Bondage Jukebox to my story site

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