Be My Bondage Valentines, Pretty Thieves!

Here’s a charming holiday morality play for you! It seems that early this morning, sweet young things Seda and Lilla Katt decided to try their hands at breaking and entering:

two pretty bondage burlars

Boy, did they ever pick the wrong basement! They got nabbed by one perverted security guard, who decides to hold them for “questioning”. Worried yet, ladies?

bondage burglers detained for questioning

Well, you should be! After some cock worship for our security guard, they’re stuffed into his stocks for some punishment and friendly bondage butt sex:

pretty burglars in the butt sex and caning stocks

And then they were back on their knees, for another round of that game their captor called “Burglarize This!”

bondage burglars with cum on their faces

What do you think, do our two young criminals look sufficiently rehabilitated? Or do they need a few more days of “special” rehabilitation?

Image credit: Sex and Submission.

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One comment on “Be My Bondage Valentines, Pretty Thieves!”:

Person commented on November 29th, 2013 at 3:39 am:

Great shots indeed!

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