Safety Pins In Her Nipples

The last time I played with the 3D Kink software, I played with the custom piercing settings, including the cute nose ring and the safety-pins-as-nipple-jewelry:

nipple with a safety pin in it

Of course, the edgy thing about safety pins is that you don’t necessarily need an existing piercing site to use them. At least, not if you’re willing to be as cruel as a Japanese manga artist:

sadistic nipple piercing in the toilet

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One comment on “Safety Pins In Her Nipples”:

Pandabutt26 commented on March 11th, 2012 at 10:38 pm:

I was curious if there is such a thing as a bar that goes straight across through both nipple piercings at the same time so that the breasts are pulled together? And if so, what is it called and where can I get one???

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