Sawhorse Love

Isn’t this romantic? “A book of verses underneath a bough, a metal sawhorse, a skein of rope, and thou…”

roughly tied to a folding metal sawhorse for some aggressive rear-entry intimacies

From Fucked And Bound.

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One comment on “Sawhorse Love”:

RC commented on June 29th, 2008 at 7:23 am:

Her face shows it all: a startled yelp from shame, humiliation, and feeling like a piston is relentlessly pounding her g-spot.

I like the way the sawhorse has been fastened to the floor. She’s held so firmly that she has to take the full brunt of each stroke right on the most intimate part of her body. The only “give” is in the walls of her vagina, which must clasp the penis and dance rhythmically with it.

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