It’s Good To Be The Dom

Sometimes it’s good to be the master, even when you’re not actively engaged in hot BDSM sex. I’m sure Dragon M Sir thought so during this dinner:

On Tuesday, Dragon M Sir had told lessa and I that we could have subbie night – watch soppy movies, get the boxes of tissues out, eat chocolate and drink Baileys !!! What lessa and I also wanted to do was something special for Dragon M Sir, so we politely asked the lovely gentleman to spend some time with his book in the garden (no we did NOT tell him to stay out of the house!! lol). We cooked a lovely meal – salmon and cheese starter, main course of chicken breasts, jacket potatoes with a sea salt crust, and a mixed salad, followed by coffee mousse dessert. We laid the table, then dressed in lovely silky togas, and knelt for Him by the door. When He came in, He was almost speechless. We served Him properly for the duration of the meal, and enjoyed a wonderful bottle of champagne. The look on His face was priceless, and two girls had tears in their eyes seeing Him so pleased. Definitely the highlight of my time there.

Update: Yah, he’s not hurtin’:

These last few days have been so special.

What meant most to me was the subbie-night dinner… I was friendly asked to leave the room so they could prepare dinner. It is impossible to describe how I felt when I came back inside and saw what they had done. Both kneeled in the Tower position ( My favorite one) and the table was set beautiful.. The dinner was perfect…This was magical…

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2 comments on “It’s Good To Be The Dom”:

Graydancer commented on September 20th, 2006 at 5:42 am:

And see, here I keep feeling like “Work, work, work, a Dom’s work is never done…” I’m thinking I need to insist that my minx read this entry…and spread the word.

clare commented on November 8th, 2006 at 1:32 pm:

grins….hey ! Even a Master needs a little love, care, attention, being waited on hand and foot and letting His girls do all the work !!


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